7th Medica 2018 App-based Mobile Solution Competition Launched

MEDICA, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, has announced the seventh MEDICA App search for the best health app solutions in the world.
Here, the main focus is not solely on the app, but rather on a well-thought-out overall solution for the day-to-day use of patients, doctors, and clinics, as organiser Mark Wächter explains.
“A drone that delivers medical products and can be controlled via smartphone, for example, is a possible award-winning solution.”
The competition is for applications for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets or AR/VR glasses – however, fitness or wellness applications are excluded.
From 01 June to 30 September 2018, developers from all over the world can submit their App-based Mobile Medical Solutions.
These submissions will be pre-selected by a MEDICA Expert Team. 10 developers whose App-based Mobile Solutions match best the submission criteria based on the jury’s point of view, will qualify for the participation at the live pitch at MEDICA in November.
The first place winner will be awarded 2,000 euros, second place 1,000 euros and third place received 500 euros.
iSikCure from Kenya won the 2017 competition.
Dr. Moka Lantum, the founding member of MicroClinic Technologies, described his service’s use:
“Whilst a large part of the world is mostly talking about the ‘Internet of things”, we focus on the ‘Internet of people’.”
The iSikCure application allows patients to communicate with their doctors, laboratories, chemists and other suppliers in the field of healthcare via smartphone.

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