Defining a spirit of not giving up

My greatest inspiration always comes from my dad. At one time, he said, “Personally, it seems like I have failed my family. I look at the many projects that I begun, but it seems the results are not like what I had discerned to be like.”
Being of one his eldest children, among five, I was with my sister. Dad’s businesses were not doing fine.

Everyone, Mum, dad, sister and I were all trying to help in the little way possible to bring all things back to course.
Yes, I agree some of the problems affecting the family businesses were a result of poor management. However, some were because of fate.

He could say, “Many people commit suicide because they reach a point where they break when things go wrong in their business and they are left with nothing else to do. They give up. Not because they want, that is life.”

However his inspiration, always he looks at himself and says, “In any society, you reach a certain level where there is no retreat. You have to show an example to those who look upon you as a mentor. You have to keep going on.”

“Many people who are close to you during sunny days will run away during the rainy days. It happens even within the family. You have to stand strong and pick your pieces,” he says.

Dad, knows we have been in our darkest and lowest times (not always) but he instils in us that strength to keep our head up always (the power of the human spirit is always with us.  It is always reaching out and craving fellowship and opportunity.)

  As one of his children, I have learned the urge to create, to explore, to design, and to be something great is a uniquely human experience.

Yes, from him I know I have to live a life on purpose, making decisions and actions to move further along the path of success and opportunity.