3rd December 2022

Mashujaa Day: We are own heroes

Mashujaa (Heroes) Day, formerly Kenyatta Day, on October 20. It is going to be the third national day celebrated under our new Constitution, which recognizes only two other national days on the calendar Jamhuri Day and Madaraka Day.

Today marks a great milestone to us Kenyans. A day our country is being reborn, a day that inspires by the opportunities that will make each day afford us to wake-up and live another day striving to reach our goals as a nation.

Goals that will make us make strides, in our social, political and economic endeavors; Strides that will raise our education standards to provide opportunities for the youth, homes for the homeless, and food for the hungry.

What each one of us ought to know is that, we are our own heroes each and every day. It is the positive difference you make in your family, community, society and the nation at large.

We hold on to the hope to achieve that change to which they fought for, every day. The realities of the problems that face our country have solutions and or can be improved.

Investing our energy to reach a point where we can all listen and concentrate on achieving our common goals as Kenyans.