Anguished Laments

Anguished laments I have in my heart
Everyday wondering how Vera would carry on
Dawn cracks she’s there awake doing chores
While Mutethia busy sleeping and snoring hmmm!
Warmth of his bed eating his flesh and engulfing him
Vera busy with chores while Mutethia snoring zzz
Mutethia wakes up, eats and drives his sleek BMW to work
While she’s there at home sitting and waiting for him in evening
Like a faithful dog she accept everything she’s given because of being a woman
She can’t object because its Mutethia’s belief she’s feeble
But how long shall this continue in our society while we stand
When Mutethia’s want to maintain status quo of their own
At our very own home we are the very one destroying our Vera’s
Mutilating them in the name of tradition, their womanhood destroyed
While Mutethia go scoot free while tradition protecting them
A pack of hounds we are surely in this society!
How long shall an African woman sob and we stand on the fence
I cry! Because she’s been left in an island unguarded and susceptible
Have we ever sat back and thought about our women’s emotions
The pain, the agony and psyclogical torment and aftermath
Because of it mother Africa encounters problems and pain
In giving birth to Mutethia junior, senior and the rest
Let’s feel their sorrow and agony filled in their heart but, why
All this?
I stand over a weeping African woman because of my pride
To rub away tears of sorry and replace it with jovialness
To nurture the strength and woman in an African woman
To her, light is glowing and slowly rising to shine its fullest
Let’s heal our women and protect them not to darken her light
Because at the end of the tunnel, there is light for her African women.