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NABU App, The Best Free Ebook Reader for Kenyan Children

Award-winning literacy organisation NABU.ORG is now in Kenya targeting parents and teachers who want to ensure that students get the best possible start to their education.

This is through a reading mobile application that hosts a digital library with a variety of engaging and informative local stories written by local authors.   

The reading app, loaded with e-books for kindergarten through third-grade reading levels, is currently available to all for free (downloadable from the Google Play store and the Apple store).

NABU’s mission is to solve the global literacy problem, by providing every child with inclusive and equitable access to literacy, so that they can read and rise to their full potential. 

“To achieve this, we train local authors and illustrators to publish mother tongue stories across key knowledge domains, creating a complete early grade reading collection to delight and engage the child,”  Beryl Oywer, NABU.Org Programs Manager, Kenya.

Some of the stories featured include; Anna Anandoto Kubwa (Anna’s Big Dream) which follows a young girl breaking boundaries and proving that girls too can be engineers. 

Bingwa wa Kuzuia Virusi (The Virus stopping champion) the story of a young boy who wants to play a part in stopping the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic and urging young children to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The organization aims to distribute over 150 free Swahili books in the coming months, ranging from early readers to independent readers. 

Download the NABU.ORG App and start enjoying the stories by clicking on this link now 


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