‘Tweeting’ Chief Francis Kariuki is dead

Tweeting’ Chief Francis Kariuki is dead.

‘Tweeting’ Chief Francis Kariuki is dead

  • Chief Francis Kariuki has passed away
  • The Chief is widely known for his use of Twitter in relaying information to the people of Lanet Umoja Location
  • The Chief had been battling with diabetes which he succumbed to diabetes at the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital (PGH) on Wednesday
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19

‘Tweeting’ Chief Francis Kariuki is dead.  

Chief Francis Kariuki is dead.

The Lanet Umoja Location Chief caught the attention of the world by his use of Twitter to communicate to his people.

A close family member has confirmed his death reporting that the chief was taken to hospital on Tuesday after being taken ill, but passed on on Wednesday.

Chief Kariuki will be fondly remembered for his apt use of his Twitter account to communicate with his residents.

He would often tweet on issues ranging from planned baraza meetings, lost livestock, job vacancies as well as inspirational quotes.

Chief Kariuki was a school teacher for two decades before joining the local administration.