F1: Sebastian Vettel opens up on his six-year stint at Ferrari

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F1: Sebastian Vettel opens up on his six-year stint at Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel opens up on his six-year stint at Ferrari.

The German driver is set to leave Ferrari following a six-year stint with them ahead of him joining Aston Martin in the new season.

The four-time world champion will bring the curtain down on his six-year stay with Ferrari at the end of this season to join the new Aston Martin project for 2021.

Vettel has struggled in a largely uncompetitive car this campaign which saw Ferrari decide against renewing the 33-year-old’s contract.

Speaking to Beyond The Grid podcast, Vettel stated:

‘There’s things that I should have done better, things I probably should have seen earlier, fights I shouldn’t have picked. But then I think everything that happened brought me to where I am now.

Sebastian Vettel has opened up on his ‘failed’ six-year stint as a Ferrari driver ahead of joining Aston Martin 

‘I’m generally not talking about stuff happens on the track. Losing the car in Hockenhem [2018] in half-wet, half-dry conditions, many people point that one out as a low point.

‘But I’m not talking about things like that, more about what’s going on. If I am fair, and harsh, then I have failed. Were there reasons? Probably yes. But I don’t accept them as excuses.’

Vettel, who mounted a serious challenge against Lewis Hamilton for the title in 2017 and 2018, believes there were fights he shouldn’t have fought because ‘they weren’t worth fighting’.

‘But then again part of it is probably my nature and it was natural to do so,’ he added.

‘And I think I had a point as well in some of these some of these little fights and battles. But I think ultimately that’s how you mature and how you learn.’

Racing Point, who will be rebranded as Aston Martin next season, have vowed to get Vettel back to his best where they hope to replicate his championship-winning form from his Red Bull days.