Olympics organizers insist the Tokyo Games will be held ‘at all costs’

Olympics organizers insist the Tokyo Games will be held ‘at all costs’

Tokyo Olympic 2021 will be held at ‘all costs’ states the Olympic organizers.

The organizers are determined to ensure that the Olympic Games are held – at all costs.

They are reported to be working hard to have the games and will make a decision by the end of the year on what ‘counter-measures’ are required to hold them safely despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The International Olympic Committee’s Coordination Commission for the Tokyo Games vice-president John Coates said that they ‘were throwing whatever resources are necessary’ at the Games.

Coates said:

‘Our decision at the moment is to go ahead,’ Coates said at an event marking the 20th anniversary of the 2000 Sydney Olympics’ opening ceremony.

‘What we wait for is to decide what counter-measures we need to go ahead with, to proceed depending on what stage Covid is at.

‘The extent of the ceremonies, the extent of the crowd participation, any necessary quarantine when they arrive in Japan. All of those things.

‘And by the time we get to the end of the year we’ll make an assessment on what counter-measures we’ll need to apply.’

The Japanese government and the IOC took the unprecedented decision in March to postpone the Games, which were originally scheduled to begin in July.

Tokyo officials have said they intend to put on the Games in 2021 even if the pandemic has not eased substantially.