Premier League: Government planning to ALLOW fans back to games from next season

Top clubs around Europe are facing huge financial losses as they are still paying their players huge amounts in wages without receiving any income

Premier League: Government planning to ALLOW fans back to games from next season

  • Premier League clubs expect fans back to stadiums next season
  • Games have been played behind closed doors since the season restarted
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Premier League clubs are looking forward to having fans back in stadiums next season.

Clubs are expecting that the Government will allow them to have fans present in matches next season.

Reports indicate that top-flight clubs have begun consultation with supporters’ groups in preparation for a ‘partial return of fans to stadiums’ at the start of the 2020/21 campaign.

Since the return of games, fans have been asked to stay away from the games which have been played behind closed doors.

Premier League clubs expect that fans will be allowed back to the stadium in the 2020/21 season
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Premier League is in talks with the Government to having fans back in the stadium

According to DailyMail Sports, discussion in relation to partial stadium re-openings in the top flight are at an ‘advanced stage’ and that an announcement from the Government will come soon.

Once the Government confirm their approach regarding the return of fans, it will be left to the Premier League and individual clubs to formulate a plan for the proposed return.

Some of the key issues on which clubs are looking for feedback from fans are:

  • How to fairly distribute tickets if, as expected, capacities are reduced
  • Whether fans would be happy to disclose their health details
  • How they would travel to games and if they would feel safe taking public transport to matches
  • Whether season-ticket holders would be satisfied with not sitting in their normal seats

Clubs are exploring the possibility of issuing staggered arrival and departure times for fans during the opening phase of allowing them back into grounds.

Outside of the top flight, the EFL board had developed proposals for a series of test events to take place at Championship fixtures deemed to be dead rubbers on the final day of the season next Wednesday.