Ogilvy Unveils, FEED, Marketing Product to Connect Brands to Consumers

Ogilvy Africa has unveiled the region's first real-time marketing product dubbed FEED

Ogilvy Africa has unveiled the region’s first real-time marketing product dubbed FEED that offers social intelligence and analytics, community management and content innovations.

The product aims to connect brands to popular culture to keep pace with rapidly changing audience interest. 

FEED is being rolled out across Africa in a phased manner. 

The first phase starts in Kenya with command centers and physical infrastructure set up in Nairobi.  The next phase will be in Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania.

The agency chose June 23rd as the launch date to commemorate the 109th birth anniversary of its global founder, David Ogilvy.

Ogilvy Unveils, FEED, Marketing Product to Connect Brands to Consumers
Vikas Mehta, CEO – Ogilvy Africa

“With FEED, we are delighted to see real-time marketing become a reality in this region. Brands have recognized the importance of having their finger on the consumer’s pulse for decades now, and there are several offerings in the market to serve different aspects of that opportunity. The agility and compatibility of these offerings, however, remains a challenge. FEED has been developed to evolve the disparate offerings into one complete solution.”, said Vikas Mehta, CEO – Ogilvy Africa.

The FEED ecosystem combines three components, or the three Ps – Platform-People-Process.

 Every deployment starts with an audit of the technology environment and a customized solution-stack is deployed that complements the existing assets, instead of replacing them. FEED can go-live in 6-12 weeks of audit, depending on the scale and complexity of the operation.

Upon deployment, clients have an option to get an on-site team placed in their premises running a command-centre supported by off-site teams stationed in Ogilvy Africa’s offices. The working process is designed to provide width and depth of skills while being agile enough to work in 24-hour sprints.

“While technology is available to all, technology alone seldom solves a problem. The added layer of our talent, combined with FEED’s proprietary process are key. We’ve designed the process to put agility at the heart of the setup that delivers real-time, consistently” Said Mehta.