Eugene Anangwe Resigns as Chief Executive TV47 Ventures into Mentorship

Eugene Anangwe Resigns as Chief Executive TV47

Ken Eugene Anangwe

TV47, Kenya’s Broadcasting & Media Production Company  Managing Director Eugene Anangwe has resigned citing personal reasons.

Anangwe announced his resignation which he attributed to “personal reasons” without giving details.

However, on Sunday, on his Facebook Page, he said he was joining The Anangwe Mentorship Program a venture he says “My dream finally coming to a reality”.

“The Anangwe Mentorship Program is an ambitious platform that was born out of the growing need the use of mentorship as a tool to grow generations of personalities that will impact societies in whichever positions/ sectors of the economy they end up serving.

The Anangwe Mentorship Program is a way for the founder and patron Eugene Anangwe, a media personality to give back to society through growing the next generation of journalists with an impact.”


Eugene Anangwe Resigns as Chief Executive TV47 Ventures into Mentorship
Ken Eugene Anangwe and fellow team members at TV47 I PHOTO Courtesy.

Before leaving, he said he had done a commendable job at TV47 in an open letter to his team:

“Goodbyes! Not so many people if not everyone wish for moments to say them; certainly me included! But these things are inevitable and sadly I have come to that point myself- the point where I am obligated to say goodbye. I resigned from my position due to personal reasons and before I leave I would like to share the following:

I took a chance with this baby. I call it my baby because I, we, gave it life,

The hours I spent with all of you, the discussions back and forth sessions and changes we had to make in our quest to get things right, the visions we had for this brand, I am happy it all come a live and that’s why today, you have a station to call your work place. I am proud of the fact we managed to prove to many people that newbies in the media industry CAN make the big boys in the industry uncomfortable!

For over 10 years in a foreign country-Rwanda, I was happy to come back home and be part of setting up TV47 from scratch and I do not regret any minute spent here doing just that.

Setting up TV47 from scratch was definitely a new challenge and I am happy that I had all of you to help me in building the brand that TV47 is today. My plea to all of you is to never let this ship sink. Make it sail on for generations that will come after you so that they can also have a place to practice great journalism and tell the untold stories.

When I was given the task of working on project TV47, my vision and hope was to create a brand that will outlive me. A platform for mentorship and second chances for those that were told “No you can’t do it!”

I, therefore, beseech you to carry the same vision in everything you do at TV47. Guard and protect the interests of the station jealously even as you protect your personal interests.

As I jump on to the next one, I leave with my chin and shoulders held up high! proud of the achievements we managed to accomplish in less than a year of official commissioning/launch of our programming (July 6th, 2019). I wish all of you the very best. May you never stop taking bold steps towards setting the pace in everything you do.

To every member of staff, present or former, thank you for being part of this journey. May the determination to get TV47 to top 5 TV stations and a sustainable business keep you woke. My path is clear and I am sure we shall meet again. To the ever-growing fans of TV47, I want to say thank you; you are the reason the station exists. God bless you all. If I ever crossed your path in the wrong way, I also ask you to forgive me. Goodbye.”


Anangwe formerly worked as a news anchor at CNBC Africa between August 2018 and February 2019 before joining TV47.  He also doubled up as a KTN News correspondent in Rwanda and a talk show host for Rwanda TV.

TV47 is owned by Mount Kenya University (MKU) Founder Prof Simon Gicharu.