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‘Ban Pornography to Curb Teenage Pregnancies,’ States CS Magoha

Ban Porn to curb early pregnancies

Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha pornographic sites banned in the country he told Senate Ad hoc Committee on Thursday.

The CS stated that banning of the pornographic sites will help in addressing rising teenage pregnancy cases in the country.

“We want senators to help us start a movement that will shut down the pornographic sites because it is urgent and should have been done yesterday. There is no reason why we should be having such sites open to our children at home,” said the CS.

There was uproar in the country when reports revealed that an estimated 4000 school-going children had been impregnated in Machakos County since March. The report was released during Tuesday’s commemoration of the Day of the African Child.

The CS said that he will lobby the Cabinet and by extension the President to consider changing the law to block information related to pornography from being accessed by anyone in the country.

You see when you are not thinking about sex but someone opens a pornographic page then you start thinking about it and generating ideas. Why is that site accessible in Kenya? Who needs it? Don’t tell us because it is accessible in the US that it should be accessible here. There many countries in Africa and Asia that have blocked it and their culture is better.

The CS called for tougher action against individuals who sexually assault girls even as he urged parents to pay more attention to morally guiding their children. 

“Even though I have been preaching parental engagement; I’m not sure whether that report is coming from non-governmental organisations who want to alarm us so my team will go to the root cause of this to find out,” the CS said.

“Allow us to interrogate the issue and we will let you know whether it is true or false… it could be true it could be false but my gut feeling is that the people who are bent on teaching sex education may be using this as an opportunity to move forward their agenda,” said Magoha.


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