Kenyan Donkeys Face ‘Bleak Future’ As Court Reverses Ban on Slaughter 

The High Court has removed prohibition for the slaughter of donkeys after the state failed to respond to an application challenging the legal notice.

The Kenyan Court Monday reversed Agriculture Cabinet Minister Peter Munya’s ban on donkey slaughter spelling doom to the beast of burden.

High Court Judge Richard Mwongo termed the legal notice by Munya as unconstitutional and one that violates the rights of the owners of the abattoirs.

The owners of Star Brilliant (Naivasha), Goldox Kenya (Mogotio), Silzha (Turkana), and Fuhai (Machakos) can continue with their operations until a suit challenging the notice is heard and determined.

According to a petition by the owners, they argue that Munya had not cited the law he relied on to ban a legitimate business operating lawfully in the country. As a consequence, it would lead to job losses, disruption of business and revenue loss.

On February 24, the CS banned the slaughter of donkeys effective immediately.