Premier League Clubs SPYING on each other

Top clubs around Europe are facing huge financial losses as they are still paying their players huge amounts in wages without receiving any income

Premier League Clubs SPYING on each other

Premier League Clubs are spying on each other on suspicion that rivals could be flouting rules.

With the Premier League gearing up for a return on June 17, reports indicate that several top clubs are spying on their rivals to check on whether they are following the set guidelines in training.

The clubs are ‘worried’ that their rivals could be stretching protocols and rules set in training-grounds to gain a competitive edge of their rivals.

Premier League Clubs SPYING on each other
Top-flight clubs are said to be spying on each other to ensure that protocols are followed
Manchester City
It is understood calls have been made to the League to highlight certain behaviour from rivals

The ‘spying’ has been extended to social media with managers tasking club officials to carry out rigorous and constant checks on rivals’ Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Reports further indicate that on several occasions the clubs will place calls to the league’s management to report on ‘something’ they had seen and ask if they are permitted to – when the answer is yes, the said club mirrors the actions of their rival.

Under stage two of Project Restart, teams are now carrying out contact training and staging behind-closed-doors matches. But certain restrictions still remain in place. Numbers of staff around the training pitch and unnecessary grouping are thought to be among the concerns raised.