Premier League clubs REFUSE to vote on what happens if the season is called off

Premier League heads met for crunch talks today

Premier League clubs have failed to come to a unanimous agreement on what should happen if the season is called off.

Premier League chiefs held a crunch meeting earlier Thursday and among the issues of discussion on what should happen is the season is called off as well as what will decide the teams to be relegated.

English football is set to resume on June 17 after an unprecedented three months hiatus caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

The clubs agreed that the matter on the ending of the season prematurely should be shelved for now and should only be revisited in the event that the season is sent onto a second shutdown or cannot be resumed as planned.

It is assumed that the decision to avoid voting on the matter was to prevent heightening tensions between clubs since a consensus was not forthcoming.

The meeting did not take more than three hours with all the 20 clubs represented.

Football is set to return on June 17 with 92 fixtures awaiting.

ManCIty vs Arsenal
Manchester City vs Arsenal has been lined up for June 17 when the Premier League resumes