Cheap Avocado, Potatoes, Tomatoes Prices Lower Kenya’s Inflation at 5.47pct in May

Kenya Inflation has been rising over the last 12-months.

A fruit seller in one of Kenya's informal markets

Declining prices of avocado, potatoes and tomatoes helped to lower Kenya’s overall year on year inflation rate in May to 5.47 percent from the revised 5.62 percent recorded in April.

Avocado, potatoes and tomatoes decreased by 4.50, 3.58, and 3.0 percent in the month according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

However, onions and carrots recorded the highest percentage increase of 4.51 and 3.32 respectively with oranges, spinach and Sukuma wiki recording 3.32, 2.57 and 2.24 percent increase respectively.

The retail price survey was conducted during the second and third weeks of the month, with prices being obtained from selected retail outlets located in 50 data collection zones, 14 of which are in Nairobi and the rest 36 are in other urban areas.

Food and non-alcoholics increased by 0.86 percent between April and May while the year on year food inflation in May 2020 stood at 10.55 percent.

Housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels increased by 0.84.

Inflation is likely to remain within the government’s target band of 2.50 percent – 7.50 percent.