What Next for #KOT? Twitter Plans Limiting Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

What Next for #KOT? Twitter Plans Limiting Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

Kenyans on Twitter, popularly known as #KOT are set to find it hard when battling Nigerians, Tanzanians, and South Africans after Twitter announced Wednesday that  soon, users will be able to control who can respond to their tweets and who can’t.

According to Twitter, before a user Tweets, there will be three options:  everyone, only people you follow, and only people you mention.

“Twitter is where you go to see and talk about what’s happening,” Twitter Director of Product Management Suzanne Xie said in a blog. “But sometimes, unwanted replies make it hard to have meaningful conversations. (Ahem, reply guys.).”

Initially, it was possible for anyone and everyone to reply to your tweet, including people you don’t follow or who don’t follow you.

The first option is everyone, which will allow anyone on Twitter to comment on your tweet. 

Second is the ‘only people you follow’ option, which will allow only people you follow on Twitter to respond to your tweets.

The third option is ‘only people you mention’ which means only users tagged in a tweet will be able to respond to your tweet.

According to Twitter, only a limited group of people globally on Twitter for iOS, Android, and twitter.com can Tweet with these settings, but everyone can see these conversations.