More Pain for Kerosene Consumers as Prices Hike in Kenya

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the average landed cost of Super Petrol decreased by 0.57 per cent from 491.50 dollars per cubic meter in March 2021 to 488.69 dollars per cubic meter in April 2021.

Consumers are likely to be hit hard by the rising cost of Kerosene, but a relief for motorists after the prices of Super Petrol and Diesel decreased by KSh9.54 per litre and KSh19.19 per litre respectively.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) increased the cost of kerosene by KSh2.49 per litre to retail at KSh79.77 up from KSh77.28.

“The price of kerosene has been maintained but with adjustments in value-added tax calculations,” Epra explained

Motorists will pay KSh83.33 per litre for Super Petrol down from KSh92.87 while diesel will retail at KSh78.37 a decrease from KSh97.56.

EPRA attributed the latest decrease in petrol and diesel costs to a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol, which decreased by 38.94 percent from US309.03 per cubic meter in March to US188.07 per cubic meter in April.

During the period, the mean monthly US Dollar to Kenya shilling exchange rate depreciated by 2.67 percent from KSh104.05 per US dollar in March 2020 to KSh106.83 per US dollar in April 2020.

In April, the country’s headline inflation rose to 5.62 percent in April from 5.51 percent a month ago attributed to an acceleration in prices reflected higher food and transport costs.

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