What is the Leading Sport for Betting in Kenya

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  • Online betting is about entertainment and making profits. Find out the most profitable sports for Kenyan bettors

 For many punters, sports betting isn’t just about adding more cash to their bankroll but an avenue to take their love for sports to another level.

The satisfaction derived from any sports event gets a boost whenever a winning is made by predicting the outcome. Also, expert gamblers advise bettors to wager on sports they genuinely enjoy and know a lot about. That way, informed decisions can be made while placing bets. To learn more visit footballbettingguide.co.ke/betting-sites.

The sports betting market in Kenya offers players a lot of sports to gamble on. However, some sports are known to be enjoyed by many and also offer a great opportunity to win big. These sports are known to be popular in the world as well as Kenya and boast several events all year round. Also, because they have many leagues, top-level competitions and highly-promoted matches, players have various events to bet on with several competitive odds on many bookmaker sites trying to attract punter’s attention. Below are the most profitable sports for Kenyan bettors:


Just like it does in many countries in the world, football thrives in Kenya and many Kenyan bettors are fond of betting on this sport as well. You can bet on football on BetPawa Kenya. Football betting has been a thing even before online betting sites surfaced and many dedicated punters have become millionaires by using their football knowledge to predict events. When online betting became prevalent, football betting became easier, thereby encouraging more fans to try making money from their love for the game. But, is football betting profitable in the Kenyan betting scene?

Compared to most sports, football has the highest number of leagues and events that last all year long. This means bettors always have a match to wager on. From England’s Premier League, German Bundesliga to Spain’s La Liga competitions, the game never stops for football bettors. Asides the many sporting events, the most competitive odds are also found in the football market. Players have the luxury of comparing odds on various betting sites, as many of them offer a good soccer market. The advantage of betting on football does not end there, information about betting on this sport is widely available to punters. From frequent updates about teams to football betting strategies, bettors have sufficient information to work with before placing their wagers.


Although, quite a hard pill to swallow, Kenyans are big on betting on Basketball. The most popular league in the NBA. For most Kenyan bettors, Basketball serves as entertainment and an opportunity to make extra cash. Basketball has a good number of leagues and events, sufficient for punters to always have something to wager on. Also, the most popular completion which is the NBA is in the U.S, bettors have good rankings to help analyse the teams and make informed choices when choosing odds.


The Kenyan team is slowly making a breakthrough in the Cricket World Cup. This has won over many Kenyan audiences to the Cricket World. Even after the team fell out of the competition, many fans continue to follow the game and wager on the outcome of the events. Cricket may not be a very popular sport, but there are enough competitive odds and market to make money from. Also, it is not very hard to find a Kenyan bookie that offer cricket in their sports market.