Premier League Guidelines in ‘Project Restart’

Project Restart

Every Premier League player will need to wear a mask or snood in training

The Premier League has provided Clubs with strict guidelines that they need to be observed in line with Project Restart.

The Premier League has outlined plans to have the resumption of games to see off the 2019/20 season but only if the Government approves the plans.

Every player will be required to wear a mask or snood in training. This will help ensure that the players do not come in contact with droplets or saliva from other players.

Premier League’s ‘Project Restart’
Balls used in training will also have to be disinfected before, during and after training drills

The players are also required to resume training as well as participate in drills in small groups if five players.

Players will also need to park their cars at least three spaces apart, no massages will be allowed unless approved by a club doctor and drinks must be left at particular pick-up points.

All club staff, players, managers and coaches will be banned from spitting at the training ground so as to minimize chances of spreading infections.

Premier League guidelines in Project Restart
Reports are that Manchester United stars are expected to wash their own kit once they return to training

The training sessions will last 75 minutes with 15 minutes breaks. The players will be given 15 minutes to prepare before the sessions resume.

Arsenal and Tottenham are among the clubs to have reopened their training grounds for individual sessions, but the new rules will be put in place to ensure players can mingle without the risk of spreading coronavirus.

It is understood that Premier League medics believe that attempts to complete the season will not be interfered with if a player or staff member tests positive for the coronavirus.

A positive test will be treated like any other injury sustained with the individual sidelined from the action.