Kenyan Covid-19 Positive Cases Increase to 50

Kenya Concerned About Rising Covid-19 Cases in Tanzania and Somalia

Kenya on Monday confirmed eight new positive cases of coronavirus to reach a total of 50.

Health Secretary Mutahi Kagwe says most of the new infections are coming from the community. Initially, they were imported cases.

Out of the 50 cases, 26 are male and 24 female.

“From the 2,050 people in mandatory quarantine, we have in the last 24 hours tested 172 samples, 84 samples have so far been analyzed and have received confirmation of 1 person who has tested positive for coronavirus,” Kagwe said.

Kenya to pass 10,000 mark with Covid-19 cases end of April

The Director of Public Health, Dr Patrick Amoth, said there is a likelihood for recording 1,000 cases by April.

“Our modelling puts us at having about 1,000 cases by the first week of April and we postulate that we’ll have 5,000 cases by mid-April and, potentially, 10,000 cases by April 30,” Amoth said in relation to the youthful Kenya population.

“Our population is more youthful so potential people will be able to catch the virus but probably just pass on as a mild illness,” Amoth said.

Community transmission

“We are now spreading it among ourselves. This now calls for a lot more personal responsibility among Kenyans in this fight against the disease. We must now raise our level of alert and intervention measures,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

“We need to protect the youth in this industry as bodaboda riders. You can imagine how many people a rider has behind him per day and we’ve got no idea who has got the virus and who doesn’t.”