BrighterMonday Unveils Proficiency Assessment Tool for Hiring Suitable Employees

BrighterMonday Proficiency Assessment Tool for hiring

BrighterMonday, an online recruitment space in East Africa has introduced proficiency assessment tool tests to help firms attract quality talent candidates in the current competitive job market.

The tool tests applicants’ abilities beyond what is captured on their curriculum vitae.

“BrighterMonday’s proficiency assessment tool tests for core competencies and hard skills required for a specific role. The tests are industry-specific and have been curated by experts making them excellent predictors of a candidate’s cognitive ability to perform the tasks required for a role, therefore allowing employers to pick the most suitable candidates with ease,” says Mr. Emmanuel Mutuma, Chief Executive Officer, BrighterMonday Kenya.

“The assessments are linked to a job listing and it, therefore, becomes part of the job application process. This means that all candidates responding to a job ad will take the assessment,” he adds.

Through the applicant tracking system, a back-end filter that augments the assessment tool, hiring managers will be able to view candidate scores alongside other filters like education and experience levels. 

This way, an employer can compare a candidate’s proficiency, qualifications and experience levels at a glance.

In 2019, the agency introduced ‘Best Match’ product to cater to organisations with limited access to talent, those undertaking mass hiring and firms not savvy enough to use digital employment solutions.

The Best Match uses a mix of HR experts and automated matching algorithm to sort and rank candidates that best match the criteria an employer is looking for in a role.

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