PesaLink Waives Transaction Charges for 90 Days

PesaLink Waives Transaction Charges for 90 Days

Integrated Payments Service Limited (IPSL) has said all PesaLink transactions will be free with immediate effect until June 30.

The announcement made on Friday is aimed at enhancing mobile money usage to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus through the physical handling of cash. 

PesaLink CEO Agnes Gathaiya said, “As PesaLink we are committed to fighting this pandemic side by side with Kenyans; we have waived all the transaction fees to help alleviate the adverse effects that the still-evolving situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic might have to Kenyans.”

“For the next 90 days, Kenyans can send and receive money from home or wherever they are from their phone. We are committed to walk with Kenyans through this season.”

PesaLink is a real-time interbank money transfer service that enables its customers to send and receive funds from one bank to another, Bank to Phone and Viceverser in real-time.

PesaLink provides a 24-hour, seven days a week platform enabling customers to send money from as low as KSh10 to as much as KSh999,999 at a fee.

“We will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and work closely with the government to lessen the economic impact of the pandemic in whatever way we can,” Gathaiya said.

How does PesaLink work?

1). Ensure you are registered for mobile and internet banking. Check with your bank to confirm
2). Log into your bank’s app/USSD/internet banking
3). Find Pesalink among the different products offered by your bank
4). Choose the send to account option
5). Enter the account number you are sending funds to
6). From the drop-down menu chose the bank you are sending to
7). Enter the amount you are sending and proceed to complete the transaction

Conversation with Agnes Gathaiya, CEO – IPSL, the Spirit of Progress