Blue Band Maker, Upfield, Rated Highly in Food Safety

Upfield, Rated Highly in Food Safety

Global food safety and quality management inspection firm, AIB has granted  Upfield, plant-based consumer products company and producer of plant-based spreads an ‘A’ status for maintaining high food safety and quality standards.

The audit rating of the new owners of  Blue Band, Flora and Rama is an improvement from last year’s rating where the factory had received a B classification.

AIB’s audit is based on globally recognised food safety standards and helps demonstrate compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Upfield East and Southern Africa Managing Director, Peter Muchiri said the company had been intentional in applying and adhering to strict guidelines in its manufacturing processes to achieve the improved rating.

“Our commitment to quality underscores everything we do and advances our goal of being a company and brand that consumers trust,” he said.

The internationally recognised AIB quality audit is conducted annually and focuses on Good manufacturing practices such as process control and monitoring, Personnel & hygiene standards, Facilities and infrastructure and Compliance.

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