Central Bank of Kenya Introduces Mobile Based Bonds for Retail Investors

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is expected to leave benchmark interest rate unchanged at 7.00% per cent when it meets Wednesday according to NCBA Market Research.

Central Bank of Kenya Kisumu Branch I Khusoko

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has rolled out a mobile-based service designed to facilitate investment in government securities for retail investors known as Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD).

“The Bank is pleased to inform you about the rollout of the Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD) services, designed to facilitate investment in Government Securities using the mobile telephone.”

“To access these services, investors will be required to register for this facility at the nearest Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Branch or Currency Centre.”

With its rollout, retail investors will be able to process transactions of KSh140,000 and below.
“For transactions whose amount exceeds Sh140,000 or other prevailing transaction limit, CBK will at its sole discretion determine the best alternative means of disbursing or receiving the funds,” the CBK says.

Requirements for Registration

1. Active CDS account at the Central Bank of Kenya
2. Active Mobile Line
3. Registered member of a Mobile Network Provider (MNOs)
4. Duly complete Registration form For TMD
5. Dial *866# and follow the steps
After notification of registration

How can I benefit from CBK-TMD?

• Apply and bid for Treasury Bills and Bonds.
• Notifications of bid outcomes.
• Account balance.
• Status of alerts for sales or purchases in the secondary market.