Trade Your Old Denim Jeans for 20% off New Pair At Mango Kenya Store

Spanish fashion chain Mango has launched the better cotton initiative

Spanish fashion chain Mango has launched the better cotton initiative in Kenya, offering consumers who trade in an old pair of denim jeans  20% off the purchase of a new pair on the same day.

This is part of Mango’s global commitment to ensure 50% cotton is of sustainable origin by 2022.

The Second Chances Initiative in Kenya will help to extend the lifecycle of customers’ favourite garments.  

As a result,  it is offering incentives to its customers to take part in the programme which began in January and ends on 16 February 2020.

According to a statement from the fashion retailer, it is in line with the Big Four agenda’s aim to improve vocational skills and expand opportunities for Kenyan youth.

CJ Bak, Director of Spanish Fashion, the local franchisee of Mango said, “Durability and quality equal sustainability when it comes to apparel.  With this offer, we are excited to give customers an incentive to upgrade to a new pair of Mango jeans.  In doing so, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll be supporting the growth of the next generation of tailors.”

All denim collected will be upcycled or donated to organizations supporting youth empowerment through skills training programmes building careers in tailoring.

The Committed collection has also been created with BCI certified cotton and new technologies and sustainable fibres. LENZING REFIBRA has created GREENCEL, a 100% natural biodegradable fibre sourced from trees and whose manufacture does not use toxic compounds, and the new TENCEL Lyocell, a fibre created with off-cuts of cotton originating from other manufacturing processes and wood cellulose. By using environmentally-friendly fibres, we can reduce the impact on the Planet.