EABL Taps Barclay’s Risper Genga Ohanga as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy

EABL Taps Barclay's Risper Genga Ohanga as Chief Financial Officer

East African Breweries Ltd (NSE: EABL)    has onboarded Risper Genga Ohanga, chief finance officer for Barclay’s Bank Zambia to join the executive team as Group Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy.

She takes over from  Gyorgy Geiszl who has been recalled by Diageo Plc for senior a role. Gyorgl joined EABL in October 2015. Gyorgy will exit in June. 

“We are excited to extract Risper from the clutches of Barclays. It is amazing to secure somebody who has worked in so many countries in Africa and has fantastic résumé of audit roles,” said Mr. Andrew, Cowan EABL Group Managing Director.

Risper is an experienced CFO with a demonstrated track record of transformational leadership, performance, and delivery across multiple jurisdictions.

She is skilled in Driving performance, Regulatory Management, Financial Control, Taxation, Planning and Budgeting, Regulatory Reporting, Statutory accounting under IFRS, Risk Management and Internal Audit.

She has served include South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Egypt, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

In 2011, the Business Daily ranked her among the TOP 40 Under 40 Women. This is an annual ranking of women who have risen to occupy positions of influence in society before the age of 40 and are, therefore, headed for top careers in the next decade.

Then, the Business Daily said With BComm degree from the University of Nairobi specializing in accounting and being a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya, Ms. Ohaga set up the Barclays audit team in Tanzania from scratch.

Jointly with two colleagues from America and Asia, she was recognised in January 2011 as the best performing internal auditor in Barclays for the year 2010.

Before joining Barclays, which is transitioning to ABSA Group, she worked as a financial services auditor and consultant with KPMG Kenya for nine years and rose through the ranks from audit assistant to senior manager.