Kenya Revenue Authority Eases Tax Compliance Certificates Issuance to Instant

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The Kenya Revenue Authority has relaxed rules for taxpayers seeking tax compliance certificates to instant issuance from its iTax portal, a simplified self-service feature that encourages transparency and efficiency.

According to KRA, the automatic issuance of TCCs will however be subject to a clean tax record.

“The new process significantly reduces the issuance timelines from a few days to minutes,” Commissioner, Domestic Taxes Department Elizabeth Meyo said in a statement.

The iTax system is now interactive to support the self-service process, where the taxpayer applies and get a (TCC) without staff intervention.

Taxpayers who have outstanding tax liabilities will be required to clear their liabilities first or apply for a payment plan on iTax to clear their liabilities.

Once the first installment on the payment plan has been received, the applicants will be required to reapply for a TCC for an approval.