Kenyan’s Love for Donald Trump Drops – Pew Research Center

Donald Trump’s Favorability Drops in Kenya

US President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped among Kenyans according to the latest Pew Research Center Global Attitudes Survey.

“And about half or more in Kenya, Nigeria, India, and Poland have confidence in the U.S. leader, that he will do the right thing in world affairs” reads the report which found out that globally, Trump ratings remain low.

Support for Trump’s international policies

The survey puts Kenyan opinions at 60, Nigeria 62 and South Africa at 50 this is a decline compared to 2018 where Kenya’s had favorable opinions at 70, Nigeria 62 and South Africa 57.

Confidence in US President Donald Trump

“Across the three sub-Saharan African countries surveyed, views of the U.S. tilt positive, though somewhat less so in South Africa, where half have a favorable view. In Nigeria and Kenya, more than half (62% and 60% respectively) say they view the U.S. positively. Christians in Nigeria have a more favorable opinion of the U.S. (69%) than do Muslims (54%),” when it comes to the U.S image.

In Africa, according to the Security Assistance Monitor, Kenya compared to other countries, has received the most aid from the US.

For instance, between 2018 and 2019, Sub-Saharan Africa received USD 1,870,919,000, Kenya ( 1,249,994,000), Tanzania ( 1,086,775,00), Uganda (896,030,000), Zambia (868,650,000), South Africa (819,200,000) in economic aid.

In the survey, global confidence on President Donald Trump has dwindled when compared to other major world leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Trump receives the highest negative ratings among the five leaders, though ratings for Putin and Xi are also on balance negative. German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives the highest marks among the five leaders tested on the poll: A median of 46% express confidence in her leadership of world affairs, while 29% say they do not have confidence in the long-serving German leader.”

More negative ratings for Trump than for other world leaders