Safaricom Announces New Brand Promise of ‘For You’

David Indeje is Khusoko’s Digital Editor, covering East African markets.
Safaricom Announces New Strategy

Safaricom PLC CEO, Michael Joseph, speaks in a panel session with Media Personality, Yvonne Okwara. This was during the Safaricom 19 th anniversary celebration held at Sarit Centre.

Safaricom Commits To Be Simple, Transparent, Honest Across its Entire Operations. Drops the ‘Twaweza’ brand for ‘For You’

Giant telecommunication company Safaricom has announced the repositioning of its brand promise to its customers as it marked 19 years on Wednesday. The new brand campaign is dubbed ‘For You’ that emboldens a simple, transparent and honest product and service delivery.

“Today we are making a commitment to being simple, transparent and honest in how we serve you and meet your needs for products that are relevant to you and affordable,” said Michael Joseph the  Chief Executive.

Today, we are starting afresh and going forward we aim to be even more Simple, Transparent and Honest in everything that we do. For our customers, we are a Safaricom that is there, For You,” said Michael Joseph.

Safaricom has also committed to serving its more than 33 million customers in under five minutes both at its more than 50 Safaricom shops across the country and whenever they call the Call Centre.

M-Shwari to be reviewed

When asked about M-shwari driving its customers into poverty because of the high cost incurred, Joseph said in the coming months, they might review the proposition.

According to the telco chief executive, the M-shwari product was to promote a savings culture, unfortunately, it had not fulfilled that because of the 7.5% fee for each loan taken.

“We wanted to create a savings culture, not a borrowing culture where you could borrow multiple your savings,” he said adding that, “It became extremely successful except people borrowed more than they saved.”

M-Shwari was launched in 2012 in a partnership with Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) now NCBA to enable customers to save and take microloans through the M-Pesa platform.

In June 2017, the telco announced  ‘Safaricom Twaweza’ – when we come together, great things happen-   to positively impact customers and transform lives in the communities around the country.  The campaign focused on growing and nurturing local music talent by giving artists a chance to perform in live concerts across the country. 

David Indeje is Khusoko’s Digital Editor, covering East African markets.

In my role as Community Engagement Editor For Khusoko, I care about our audience. engaging them, getting news delivered to them across a variety of platforms, and expanding the diversity of voices on our website.

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