Visa Picks Corine Mbiaketcha, Former Oracle Country Leader as East Africa’s General Manager

Visa Picks Corine Mbiaketcha, Former Oracle Country Leader as East Africa’s General Manager

Corine Mbiaketcha Nana at Oracle Tower on 20th January 2018. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Visa Inc. has named a new Vice President and Country Manager for Visa in East Africa. Corine Mbiaketcha Nana, former Managing Director for Technology at Oracle, will take her role with effect from 5th November 2019. She will be in charge of Visa’s operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius and Ethiopia.

She will help in executing Visa’s overall strategy in the East Africa region, strengthening relationships with clients, regulators and other primary stakeholders in the payments and finance space.

“Corine is a recognized and passionate leader in the region’s technology industry, having led Oracle’s business in East Africa. She is a visionary senior leader with a passion for using technology to strengthen Africa’s economic development, and this expertise will be critical to Visa’s strategy in Sub Saharan Africa,” Said Aida Diarra, Senior Vice President, Group Country Manager, Visa Sub Saharan Africa.

“Corine joins Visa at a great time to help drive East Africa’s move away from cash into more reliable, secure and innovative forms of digital payments as well as drive engagement with non-traditional partners in fintech,” said Aida.

“Visa’s promise is to bring the benefits of electronic payments to everyone everywhere. Nowhere is that a more exciting challenge than in East Africa and the wider region, where we have a wonderful opportunity to combine technology and partnerships with a broad range of people to drive truly transformational change in the way that the economy transacts. I am excited to join the Visa team, and I am looking forward to meeting and engaging with our stakeholders and partners,” said Corine.

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